charchar!! world.. \m/

hello i'm Charlene and this is my personal blog.. ;'> 17 yrs old.. young, wild and free..

study is my priority....;D..
Animated Dance Dance Revolution DDR Red


jealousy. What good thing jealousy can give you? Nothing. It’s just an emotion you feel when you want other things to other people that you don’t have. :-/

And also another thing, for me it is better to tell the truth to others than for them to feel that there’s something wrong or something you don’t like to them.

We all know that not all people can understand what you mean to say unless you tell them direct or face to face, right?. Not all people know that they’ve done something wrong wrong unless you tell them especially the immature one, maybe except the fact that they never take an opinion from other like what they know right is the thing is right for them. But really, I think it is the right thing to do, to tell what you want to tell, and what’s best for everyone. I know that it can also give a peace of mind to everyone who has a concern to it. :-/

Well yeh it’s been half a month since I open this site.. and heck yeah! I’ve gotten older for a year! I’m 18 now.. but still a child who’s ready for all the trials that might come. So yeah i’m here again to brag about my life,events etc.. that no one may judge about me for what I want and who I am. Thank u, yours truly, a dying hard english speekening..ahaha. ;))

Oh yeah life is full of surprises, so don’t expect, my future love one. . ;)

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